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Erosion Part V (Veronica/Logan) PG [WIP]

Title: Erosion
Author: rejeneration, but you can call me Jen.
Pairing/Character: Logan/Veronica, Tom, Trina, Xavier, smidge o’ the Wallace Fennel
Word Count: Part V: 3880
Rating: NC-17 overall, this part PG
Summary: Love, actually.
Spoilers/Warnings: Season 2; This is FF.
A/N: A million years ago I started writing a story. Since then I have gone on to dabble over with the kids of SPN, have had a darn good time doing it, but this thing keeps nagging me. Since I’ve been getting a myriad of emails asking for more, and because you’re killing my conscience, here it is: Erosion, Part Five. This was the story I started for loveathons Epic Challenge. I know it's far, far too late to be judged, and that this community is mostly inactive now, but since it was written here, I hoped I could finish housing it here.
A/N 2: I have author noted rindee so many times, in so many places, in so many ways. She’s the wizard behind the curtain, ya’ll. I couldn’t do what I do without her. Love ya, baby.

If you’re still interested in having me finish this, you’re gonna have to holla. If not, I’m letting it go and going back to writing Sam and Dean. -grin- I do miss you guys, though.

Parts I & II || Part III || Part IV

Part VCollapse )
Tags: all fiction posts, challenge - epic smut summer 2006, member - rejeneration
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OMG! You updated this! To be honest I had given up on it, but you proved me wrong. What a happy feeling ;) Amazing chapter, I love everything about it, especially the little details.

He reeks of 09’er entitlement. One of Veronica’s maybe not-so-secret little fetishes.
Ha, so true! Love this line.

Please continue, SPN can wait right? :)
OMG! You updated this!

I know!! Shocking, isn't it?

-sniffle- SPN _cannot_ wait. It really doesn't help that I have eight stories started and another twelve for another portion of it. -grin- Mmm, I love SPN fandom. -happy sigh- BUT... I will continue this. MUST now.

Thanks for reading hon!

Deleted comment

I just hate having a WIP, period! I promised myself I'd never write a WIP, 'cause there just too hard to finish. I hate it when I lie to myself. :(

The goal is to finish! Here's hoping I do. -smile- Thanks for reading!
I'm not too proud to beg if it means we get more chapters!
It's been wonderful reading back through all the previous chapters and now this one, so please, please, rest assured that there is plenty of interest for any further chapters...
-sings a lil' TLC-

Thanks so much, hon! I'm going to try and finish up a few more chapters and post 'em for ya'll. Thanks for reading.
I'm so glad you finally remembered this, I had given up on it even though there was still a little part of me that was still holding out for an update.
-grinning- Thanks so much for reading and letting me know, hon.



August 27 2007, 07:57:43 UTC 9 years ago

Okay, so here's my holla'. Almost squealed when I saw you posted again- I don't squeal. It'd been so long I actually had to read it all over again just to get all caught up & refresh the memory. It's 3:57 AM here & I'm finally done. But I came home late & decided to just start over again- it was worth it. I love how their so character true but at the same time you tentively bring out sides of them we wouldn't expect. And its not rushed either. Amazing job. UPDATE SOON.
So many anon readers!! Who are all you fabulous fabulous people? Do me a favor, will you and give me a name (even if it's not your own), so I know how to distinguish ya'll? -grin-

I will update soonish! Or at least I will try! I'll be huddled away writing this weekend. -smiling- Thanks so much for re-reading. I feel a little guilty for keeping you up into the wee hours!


August 27 2007, 10:19:33 UTC 9 years ago

OMG i was so happy when i saw that you updated. You have to finish this story i wanna see them take tom down. PLEASE UPDATE SOON
Heh, so many people calling out for poor Tom's blood. I'm so sad! Tom is just heartbroken, how can you possibly blame him? -grin- Okay, updates will be forthcoming. Soonishly!
I read this story from the beginning yesterday and now I'm hooked. There's a bunch of comments above this one so hopefully that's enough encouragement for you to continue!

I love the way Logan and Veronica have evolved in this story and can't wait to see what else you have in store for them. Logan seemed like a great uncle so I can't wait to see him as a dad. I'm also interested to see how Veronica handles her hormones ;)
Oh, it was never about a bunch of comments begging for the story to be written. I should have made that clearer. :/ It was only about people's actual interest in what I'd call a "dead fandom." Ya know? If no one was interested in the story, why invest the time?

I'm not sure how far we'll see them travel together. I don't know that you'll actually see Logan as a dad. Or much of Veronica handling hormones. There's so much space to move them through, in my head, that I'm not sure how much of those things we'll actually see... but, I'll keep it in mind! Thanks for reading. -smiling-


9 years ago

I loved this story from the beginning! Please please continue. I know Sam and Dean are very very pretty, but you'll need a break from all the prettyness. ;)
I know Sam and Dean are very very pretty, but you'll need a break from all the prettyness. ;)

PAH! -grin- I will never need a break from the Sam and Dean pretty.

I will update soonish. I plan on hunkering down this weekend and banging out some more of this badboy.
Well there's lotsa comments above asking you to continue... and this one equals plus one. Very much looking forward to reading what comes next!
Man, I feel _terrible_ now. I never meant for this to be a contest in how many comments I got, just more of finding out if there was still interest. It's pointless to invest the time in what I'd call a "dead fandom." Ya know?

Thanks for reading!
Fuck, I've missed you! *squeezes tight* And this epic story, and your Logan writing. *Sigh* Oh christ, your Logan writing!

“Ah, The Best Of.” Logan smirks, leaning back to fold his hands behind his head. “Got a pen?”

The father of Veronica's baby is a creep! But still, I really can't get over how much I hate Veronica in this story. You know me, I'm a huge L/V fan, but I really don't even care if they end up together in this story. I hate the idea of Logan having to take care of what Veronica was too dumb to figure out herself. I know she's trying so damn hard, but I just can't get past what she has done and what she's putting on his shoulders.

He reeks of 09’er entitlement. One of Veronica’s maybe not-so-secret little fetishes.

So fucking true. I love what you did in this chapter, with Trina and all the amazing little details and touches. But still I'm shaking my head at the ending and I can't believe myself. I really just want him to tell her off. :X
Hi pumpkin! -smoosh- It's fucking fantastic to be missed, though some of my gorgeous dolls aren't accounted for and I'm tres sad about that. -frowns-

LOGAN!!!! I love Logan. I -miss- Logan. I wasn't sure I had a Logan voice. Still not positive. -smiling- But we've got some fantastic Logan snark coming up in the future, if I can get this BITCH written. So yay!

Tom _is_ upset. Who can blame him. The whole situation is such a clusterfuck and no one is really thinking all that clearly. It's good for the drama, not so good for relationships. -grin- And it KILLS me how much hate people have for poor V! Man, I'm trying to paint this sympathetic creature and people are all -stab, stab, die Veronica, die-. -sighs- I think my Veronica angst is showing.

Trina was such a fabulous write. Xavier even more. Man, if I could have written 7k words about those two, I would have, but let me tell ya... I was just seriously ready get him back to the States. He's not going to tell her off, sugarmuffin. Sorry! -grin- But as our beloved polarthestral has said, she's not going to just be "getting away" with it, either. Logan's grown. Veronica _needs_ to. Veronica is. I hope it's not too late for ya'll to give her the chance. -smiling-


9 years ago

OK. To make this short, you are amazing, this fic is amazing, and PLEASE update soon! Amazing job, girl.
D'awwww! Thanks sweetheart! I'm devoting this weekend to writing, so!
Wow...I didn't reply! Bad me!

I did love this chapter tho! My favorite part was the lil match between Logan and Tom.

I do hope you continue with this! I've missed your writings!!
Honey, it's OKAY! You don't have to reply, though I'm all cheery-happy that you did. -grin-

Hey, I just read this story and I really, really liked it. I hope that you continue it.
Oh, I shall. I'm glad people are still liking it, considering how different it is from the original bit of writing.
Im not the best commenter but you have alway been my favorite author! (I only read VMfic)'
Seriosly, I remember when I started to read erosion, I almost died, it was so good! I had long time ago given up on this awesomtestic story continuing and then you UPDATE :D
Please post the nest chapter soon ^^ <3
-grin- Favorite you say??! No way, I just don't believe it. But your flattery will get you EVERYWHERE, darling. -grin-

I'm so happy the chapter was well received. I miss writing for the VM crowd. Next chapter, soonish! I have a few things I need to finish for SPN first and then I'll get to it!
Finally, I get to read this. God, I've missed your VM stuff. And I've mentioned before that I adore you, correct? I don't think I need to explain to you how adorable and squee-inducing Logan is with Xavier, because it's pretty obvious. You're so good at writing Logan that it's a little scary.

Okay, what must I do to get you to write more? Because I will do it, whatever it is.
Hey darlin'! Awww honey, you didn't have to comment, I just wanted poke it at ya. You've always been such a great supporter. Like... for everyone in this fandom. -grin- So.. I love seeing your face here, ya? Ya!

I know, I love, love, LOVED Xavier with Logan (or Unco Lodon, if you will). Ever since the first second the little boy opened up and squeeled his cute little head off. Man. I miss writing Logan. I miss being able to write Logan. Man. Too much with the SPN boys in my head these days!

No, you mustn't do anything. I'm trying to continue. This weekend some, I think. As always, sweetie, thanks for being here.
It's been a little while since I checked for an update on this but as I was doing a check on some other VM fics that are WIPs, I thought I would come and see if part V had been posted. I wish I would have checked back here sooner as I could have been reading this a month ago! I am soo glad you added part V and if you've got more story to tell then I consider myself among those who would love to read it.
You have to continue! We stuck with you (and the story) this long we have to see how it ends!!!
Are you still there? All we have left is fanfic, don't leave me hangin!! *gives pouty face*
Just wanted to say that I've just reread this for the upteenth time and it still brings tears to my eyes. If you could finish this I would be forever thankful.

I just found this fic and read it and i have to say it's amazing!

I really hope you finish!
I just read this whole story in one sitting, and it's wonderful! If you don't plan to finish, would you consider posting a short summary of what you had planned so we know how it would have ended? :)

I especially love what you did with Logan and Trina--despite how antagonistic they seemed on the show, I thought there was a kernel of love there, since he wanted to go after the guy who hit her, and she apparently made a habit of picking him up when he was drunk (and let him puke in her car!). Maybe some mental and chronological distance from Aaron allowed them to become friends? And I kind of love little Xavier.
Oh, wow! *melts into a puddle of goo* I loved this! I really, really loved this! I'm sad there's no more, but if this is the last chapter, at least it ends on a hopeful note, and I'm OK with that.

Who the fuck am I kidding? No I'm not. You absolutely need to write more of this, Miss Jen. Seriously! It's NEVER to late to update! People are still finding the VM fandom after all these years and I am one of them. So it's never to late to update!

I think that's going to be my new WIP slogan. It even rhymes!

Do you have your fanfic archived somewhere? Couldn't find it on your LJ.
This fic is brilliant, I am so glad that you are returning to it. I do so hope that Logan and Veronica will prevail, that Tom seems like a right arse
are you going to update this? :( this is really good.

Deleted comment

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