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LoVe Smutathons

For all your LoVe Needs

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Are you a Logan/Veronica shipper?

Need something to take your mind off hiatus?

Are you looking for some nice, smutty distractions?

Then look no further because you just stumbled upon a little jewel we like to call loveathons.

What is loveathons? It's a community devoted to marathons! We pick a theme, post the guidelines, and then that's where you come in. We want you to get writing! All of us are bored, and we need some fanfiction to keep us entertained. You can write as many fics as you want dealing with the posted subject.

The rules for each challenge may change slightly, so please be sure to read each new rules post before entering. If you're under 18, we ask that you please not enter the community. And if you ignore our warning, then you assume all responsibility and cannot take any legal action against us.

Let's say you love LoVe but aren't exactly a writer? That's no problem at all! We encourage everyone to submit icons, vids, wallscrolls, and any other things you can think of. The focus is on the fics, but we're also going to judge any other creative entries you decide to post.

That's right. There will be awards (and possibly cookies) at the end of each challenge. Now you have something to work for besides reading a bunch of kickass fanfiction!

There will be a post for each challenge. Rules and guidelines will be included therein.

We'll have two contests for each category. (Categories being fics, icons, vids, and anything else you come up with!) One will be a poll that you, the members of loveathons, will particpate in. The other will be the judges' choice.

Reader's Award
Fiction Categories:

Most Original
Best Use of Point of View
Best Characterization
Best Overall New Author

Additionally, any challenge with over 15 fiction entries will have a challenge specific award, focusing on the theme of that challenge.



If you run a fic community and are interested in affiliating with us, please send an email to truemyth @ livejournal.com

Don't have any idea what Veronica Mars is? Read this and flip your channel to UPN on Wednesday nights at 9pm/8pm Central.

Caps are by the lovely _jems_
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