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LoVe Smutathons

For all your LoVe Needs

Loveathons - A Logan/Veronica SmutFic Challenge Community

Snowed In


August 22nd, 2007

Title: Erosion
Author: rejeneration, but you can call me Jen.
Pairing/Character: Logan/Veronica, Tom, Trina, Xavier, smidge o’ the Wallace Fennel
Word Count: Part V: 3880
Rating: NC-17 overall, this part PG
Summary: Love, actually.
Spoilers/Warnings: Season 2; This is FF.
A/N: A million years ago I started writing a story. Since then I have gone on to dabble over with the kids of SPN, have had a darn good time doing it, but this thing keeps nagging me. Since I’ve been getting a myriad of emails asking for more, and because you’re killing my conscience, here it is: Erosion, Part Five. This was the story I started for loveathons Epic Challenge. I know it's far, far too late to be judged, and that this community is mostly inactive now, but since it was written here, I hoped I could finish housing it here.
A/N 2: I have author noted rindee so many times, in so many places, in so many ways. She’s the wizard behind the curtain, ya’ll. I couldn’t do what I do without her. Love ya, baby.

If you’re still interested in having me finish this, you’re gonna have to holla. If not, I’m letting it go and going back to writing Sam and Dean. -grin- I do miss you guys, though.

Parts I & II || Part III || Part IV

Part VCollapse )

February 9th, 2007

The winners of the Snowed in challenge:

Best Overall fic:

Snowbound by chichuri

Runner Up:

Nuclear Winter by rejeneration

Hottest Fic:

Snowbound by chichuri

Runner up

Attempts of moving on by snuffybaby

Best Graphics:

by berry_hearts

Runner Up:

by tinkabell007

Congrats to all the winners and thanks for everybody that participated.
Banners will be made (as for the previous challenge *hangs head in shame*) this weekend!

As some of you noted, did we not get ourselves shoved out from underneath the snow. Sadly this community is fizzling. We'll have to make decision this weekend as to what we have to come up in order to either make this community more appealing or accept the reality that this Fandom is slowly turning it's back on LoVe. (Thanks Rob, for ruining this comm dude)
So if you have an idea, or a suggestion ...let it out.

January 30th, 2007

Time to vote. Due to the lack of submissions, the Reader's Poll will vote on "Hottest Fic" and "Best Overall Fic".
Poll will close Sunday, Feb, 4th 2007.

Snowed In PollCollapse )
Thank you all for participating.
New Challenge will be up soon.

Due to heavy snowfall we were unable to close this challenge in time ...

and good thing we didn't, as we received a few more entries :)

The snowed in challenge is officially closed! The poll will be up shortly.
Thank you so much for participating at loveathons!

January 29th, 2007

Title: Nuclear Winter
Author: rejeneration, but you can call me Jen
Pairing/Character: Veronica/Logan, Duncan Kane, Lilly Kane Jr., Elaina Echolls
Word Count: 4,550
Rating: NC-17 for language, sex, and adult situations
Summary: I’m not even sure what to say about this one…
Spoilers: This is future fic, but through S3 to be safe.
A/N: I want to give fair warning here – this fic is dark. My muse has been leaning in this direction for a while now, so I had to give it a go. I wrote this for the "Snowed In Challenge" at loveathons, even though this is probably three hundred and sixty degrees different from what they had in mind. There are additional notes at the end.
A/N 2: Heartfelt and loving thanks to rindee for going back over this with her fine-toothed comb. She always, always, always knows how to make things better. She's constantly amazing me.

This’ll be the last thing I write in vm fandom for a while (I’ll probably concentrate on finishing Erosion in my hiatus). Thanks to everyone for entertaining me while I’ve been here.

...Collapse )

These are Christmas Cards written by Logan. Slightly futurish. And maybe I should put a PG-13 on them.

Title: Snowbound
Author: chichuri 
Pairing/Character: Logan, Veronica, Lilly, Duncan, Logan/Veronica
Word Count: 11,109
Rating: NC-17
Summary: AU. During a trip to Colorado on winter break from college, will Logan and Veronica finally realize their mutual attraction?
Warnings: Sex, strong adult language
Spoilers: AU, but there are Season 1 spoilers
Disclaimer: Veronica Mars is not mine.
Author's Note 1: Written for the loveathons "Snowed In" challenge and the vm_library "Losin' It" challenge.
Author's Note 2: This is my first ever attempt at smut. The whole thing is different than anything else I've tried writing, so any concrit would be greatly appreciated. Love and thanks to vagajammer for the handholding.

( Snowbound )
Since the "Snowed In" Challenge was never officially closed, the deadline has been extended until tonight by default.

>>Challenge will close tonight Jan 29th, 2007

January 22nd, 2007

Title: Attempts at Moving On
Author: Snuffybaby
Disclaimer: RT owns the VM universe
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: LoVe
Word Count: 3,208
Spoilers: Up to 309 – Spit and Eggs
Summary: Veronica needs to get away from Neptune for awhile after her break up with Logan.
Author’s Note: Written for the Loveathon’s Snowed In challenge. It's been awhile since I've met a challenge. Hope you enjoy.


(Read more...)

January 14th, 2007

Title: Atmosphere
Author: Marianna
Characters: Logan, Veronica, Keith. Ryan Atwood. Kirsten, Seth/Summer, Taylor, Marissa mentions.
Spoilers/Warnings: S3 of VMars, S4 of The OC
Word Count: 4087
Rating: R.
Summary: Written for the loveathons Snowed In Challege! Veronica and Ryan are seeing each other, and come home for the holidays (I know I'm late with the whole Christmas fic thing, but the holidays were quite hectic) only to find out that the relationship that they were both trying so hard to salvage isn't working. :gasp: Zippy one liners, and semi hot sex behind the cut!
Author's Note the First: This could not have been done without my three wonderful pals: klawick001, bittersweet_99 and 15north. They are the best friends a girl could have, and lord knows, I needed the hand holding on this one.
Author's Note the Second: Yes, I AM writing another crossover fic. Yes, I do remember swearing, at some point last year that I would never, ever successfully write/read one of these and, yes, I also do remember saying some really terrible things about The OC. All of this is true, and yet, here I am, re-obsessed (although, I'm not quite sure my lust for Ryan Atwood ever really went anywhere) and with a crossover fic of EPIC proportions. It's up to you to tell me if it's successful or not.

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