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Title: Atmosphere
Author: Marianna
Characters: Logan, Veronica, Keith. Ryan Atwood. Kirsten, Seth/Summer, Taylor, Marissa mentions.
Spoilers/Warnings: S3 of VMars, S4 of The OC
Word Count: 4087
Rating: R.
Summary: Written for the loveathons Snowed In Challege! Veronica and Ryan are seeing each other, and come home for the holidays (I know I'm late with the whole Christmas fic thing, but the holidays were quite hectic) only to find out that the relationship that they were both trying so hard to salvage isn't working. :gasp: Zippy one liners, and semi hot sex behind the cut!
Author's Note the First: This could not have been done without my three wonderful pals: klawick001, bittersweet_99 and 15north. They are the best friends a girl could have, and lord knows, I needed the hand holding on this one.
Author's Note the Second: Yes, I AM writing another crossover fic. Yes, I do remember swearing, at some point last year that I would never, ever successfully write/read one of these and, yes, I also do remember saying some really terrible things about The OC. All of this is true, and yet, here I am, re-obsessed (although, I'm not quite sure my lust for Ryan Atwood ever really went anywhere) and with a crossover fic of EPIC proportions. It's up to you to tell me if it's successful or not.

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