Stef (chaotic4life) wrote in loveathons,

Snowed In Challenge - Award Winners

The winners of the Snowed in challenge:

Best Overall fic:

Snowbound by chichuri

Runner Up:

Nuclear Winter by rejeneration

Hottest Fic:

Snowbound by chichuri

Runner up

Attempts of moving on by snuffybaby

Best Graphics:

by berry_hearts

Runner Up:

by tinkabell007

Congrats to all the winners and thanks for everybody that participated.
Banners will be made (as for the previous challenge *hangs head in shame*) this weekend!

As some of you noted, did we not get ourselves shoved out from underneath the snow. Sadly this community is fizzling. We'll have to make decision this weekend as to what we have to come up in order to either make this community more appealing or accept the reality that this Fandom is slowly turning it's back on LoVe. (Thanks Rob, for ruining this comm dude)
So if you have an idea, or a suggestion ...let it out.
Tags: all award winners, all mod posts, award winner - hottest, challenge - snowed in smut 2006
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What if instead of just doing one challenge have a few challenges for the writers to work with. There are also many other comminuties where you can pimp this site. And thats all I have.
PS. If you're worried about not having enough challenges you can always re-use the challenge that wasn't used the most and just put something like...Epic Challenge Part know what I mean?


February 11 2007, 17:14:34 UTC 11 years ago

Hey there :D

I really do like this community. I just find that sometimes the challenges are a little tough for my muse to get attached to. Either that, or my lack of writing is just because I don't have enough time...

I hope you keep this community going because a lot of fantastic fics have come out of here! :D
It seems like the mod(s) are kind of busy here, so maybe get more mods so things can run more smoothly? Also there should also be pimp posts at other Veronica Mars communities and I rarely see the,.

I also find that the challenges don't really inspire me and if they do (the gambling one for instance) I don't have enough time to try to write for them, maybe you could offer extensions since the deadlines rarely wrap up on time anyway?
Yeah, I would vote for going a different way with the challenges...the snow thing came right after christmas was over, so it was kind of hard to get in that sort of winter-y mood again. (I'm all for an early spring here, people).
I don't think that the direction of the show is going to hurt this comm either...I mean, if we're really going to do a Veronica/Piz thing onscreen I think you're going to find a lot of people looking for a break from the sickly-sweet romance we're sure to get. I love the LoVe...but what we've had so far this season isn't really inspiring. I think with Logan and Veronica apart for a while the fanfic comm can breathe a little and not have to address a ton of random issues that keep coming up between them. We can all just go crazy and get creative!
I don't know maybe integrate other characters like a crossover or like have a wallace BFF theme where he gets them togther. SO like a get together fic or like a future fic? I agree with the winter sentiment. I wasn't very inspired to write anything.
hmmm... where are the mods?
I think thats a good question. There hasn't been any been updates on this site for almost 2 months.
It's such a shame too. I feel bad for the people who still haven't gotten their banners... this community has gone to waste. I wish the mods would at least look for other people to take over since they aren't making any efforts here.

Well we can't just blame the throws curveballs, maybe they are really busy.
That's true. But I have seen some of them being active in other VM communites.

I'm friends with one of the mods here too but I don't see her on LJ often, otherwise I would poke her and ask what's up. ;)
Well we can only hope for better.