Stef (chaotic4life) wrote in loveathons,

Snowed In Challenge - Award Winners

The winners of the Snowed in challenge:

Best Overall fic:

Snowbound by chichuri

Runner Up:

Nuclear Winter by rejeneration

Hottest Fic:

Snowbound by chichuri

Runner up

Attempts of moving on by snuffybaby

Best Graphics:

by berry_hearts

Runner Up:

by tinkabell007

Congrats to all the winners and thanks for everybody that participated.
Banners will be made (as for the previous challenge *hangs head in shame*) this weekend!

As some of you noted, did we not get ourselves shoved out from underneath the snow. Sadly this community is fizzling. We'll have to make decision this weekend as to what we have to come up in order to either make this community more appealing or accept the reality that this Fandom is slowly turning it's back on LoVe. (Thanks Rob, for ruining this comm dude)
So if you have an idea, or a suggestion ...let it out.
Tags: all award winners, all mod posts, award winner - hottest, challenge - snowed in smut 2006
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